Residential Properties in Mumbai

The move to Mumbai can be challenging - especially if you're an expat. In Mumbai, it is essential to find a home that provides an escape from the City's "hustle and bustle." Most expats agree that finding a long term residential rental apartment is the most challenging part of living in Mumbai. It is common for expats to see dozens upon dozens of apartments for weeks on end before finding one that suits their needs. There is no reason to go through the same process that we and so many other fellow expats have experienced.

Bandra Rentals, an expat owned residential rental placement firm, was founded to assist expats in finding long term residential rental apartments in Mumbai as efficiently and successfully as possible in this unique real estate market.

At Bandra Rentals, we look forward to helping you find your new home in Mumbai.

  • Bandra Area: Bandra, Khar & Santa Cruz

    • We recommend Bandra West, Khar West and Santa Cruz West
    • Popular residential location for expats in Mumbai
    • Easy access to shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
  • Juhu

    • Home to many expats, business elite and celebrities
    • Juhu beach provides serenity to bustling Mumbai
    • Easy access to shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
  • Andheri

    • We recommend Andheri West
    • Growing as a popular retail & restaurant area hot spot
    • Less expensive than neighboring areas to the south

  • Powai

    • Great location for expats with young children
    • Modern residential buildings
    • Developed infrastructure
  • Central Mumbai: Parel & Worli

    • Modern residential buildings
    • Easier access to South Mumbai
    • Home to many stores, clubs and restaurants